Rock Band

Written by gsm
Tuesday, 30 May 2017 19:41

So I've been away for many months, feverishly creating a pretty cool new world - and series of books - with collaborators Justin Sloan and Kyle Noe.  Justin is a very popular author who's written his own series along with a number of books with Michael Anderle, an immensely well-regarded writer of sci-fi space opera-type books (the Kurtherian Gambit series in particular).  Kyle is also a great writer who's written a number of successful scripts and co-created an FBI show with me for Sony called HAVOC.  Our new series is called SYNDICATE WARS, and the link to the books is below.  What really attracted me to the idea in the books is that it merges the best parts of STARSHIP TROOPERS with a really interesting time-travel twist, like something out of the movie LOOPER.  I'll be posting more about the books as we move forward - the plan right now is to publish 6 books in the series.  Hope everyone enjoys.